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"fats girls cant-"

shh.. fat girls can and they will

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Trying to decide what hair color to do next. Right now I’m blonde but my hair is fried so I know soon I will have to give it a break. Thinking of copper, purple, teal, or something else. But Idk What To do. Any ideas?

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If you think fat people have no self-control consider the fact that they haven’t killed you yet.
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Zoom smokeymcdaniel:

There is literally no reason not to.


There is literally no reason not to.

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Holy crap its been a long time since I was last on here. *waves* anyone feel like chatting? :)

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Zoom graveslut:

Note they are all fixed and have shots. Please help save a life.


Note they are all fixed and have shots. Please help save a life.

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Your Top Nail Questions Answered!: Guest Blogger


Nail art is a Birchbox obsession. One of the first places we look for inspiration is Glitter, She Wrote, Anna Norman’s cheery, imaginative blog, where she shares her gorgeous designs and muses about life in the Big Apple. This week, Anna takes us inside her nail guru world, and will show us how to get gorgeous, DIY art on our fingertips.

You tweeted your most pressing nail-related questions to #BBAskAnna, and I’m here to help!

Q: How do you get an even line of nail polish at the cuticle? @SarahAshley26

A: One of the most common nail painting “mistakes” I see is polish that pools over the cuticle line up onto the skin. Don’t despair—there’s an easy fix! After painting my nails, I dip an angled eyeliner brush in nail polish remover and carefully run it around my nail along the cuticle line. This cleans up any jagged brushstrokes and creates a clean, smooth line around the entire nail.



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Seeing Stripes: Zoya Blogger Collection


We gave Glitter, She Wrote blogger Anna Norman one of our new Zoya Blogger Collections and told her to let her nail art imagination go wild. We love what she came up with—stripey happiness! image

Zoya Kate, Coraline, and Belle are such fun, on-trend colors for the season. Jelly nail polish like these shades are somewhat sheer, but build to bright, saturated colors in a few coats. Click through to see how I got this look.

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